After a ten-day trip
Messages on the machine connected to my land line
The number I share with the public
The phone I never answer
The phone that receives both wanted and unwanted calls
Messages left and frustrated hangups
Also getting unwanted calls on my more private cell
Not answering unfamilar numbers
Wanting to be accessible but not to everyone
Here’s a thought:  A phone that can detect intentions, both good and bad
An annoying ring tone for unwanted calls
A pleasant tone for welcome ones
The same for doorbells
An obnoxious bell sound for door-to-door sales people and those pushing their brand of “good news”
A warm friendly sound for welcome visitors
Are we already wired with that kind of radar internally?
Maybe we were at one time
But then we got those conflicting messages:
Trust everyone, trust no one
Can’t wrap this one up in a tidy package
So just going to leave it there. . .