What are you
black, why
We have to report it
and it’s not obvious
It is if you have to ask

I saw a guy standing in the park
he was creepy 
You should have called the police
That’s the whitest thing I’ve ever heard

Black people ruined public schools
You are not American 
You taught in public schools 
without a teaching degree
You ruined public schools

Well you sent your kids to private school
I sent my kids to one of best schools in America
to save them from ignorant people like you.

I don’t like his hair
His hair looks like a child’s
Those are corn rows
and those are braids
When he got it done he
didn’t consider your thoughts

Black people are violent
said the man who approves 
of apartheid and genocide

Did you come from money
Why, because I have good taste

Your kids are fresh air fund kids
My bank account would disagree
It’s $4000 dollars short

You got your job because you look white
Actually I slept my way to it

You look white
I’m the same color as your Daddy