even from the third floor window
the city skyline never fails
to impress with its
pale gray indifference

on the sidewalk below:
the peons, the chatterers,
the wannabes–
screw those worker bees

third floor is good, but
fourth would be better

standing motionless at the window–
time to check the plan:

          •  become her “trusted friend”
          •  make friends with her manager over the next six months
          •  convince her she “deserves more”
          •  sleep with her
          •  take photos and video 
          •  break off the “relationship”
          •  wait six months
          •  post photos and videos
          •  makes sure everyone sees
          •  send anonymous “complaints”
          •  sit back and enjoy the show
          •  wait for her manager to tell me I “should apply” for the vacancy

you know,
being a sociopath
has its advantages
in business

and they never suspect you
when you are
a woman