after “Orchids Are Sprouting From the Floorboards” by Kaveh Akbar

Birds in the clutch of trees beep goodmorning 
in between home and the car parts factory. Birds 
on the steaming rail near the laundry. Birds
in the fields with the chestnut horse, and birds
in the poems on my phone. Birds on lines
and birds in the fog above the Kentucky River.

Birds driving their cars to work in flocks. A line
of birds in a row by the state highway. Birds twisted
into scarecrows by the wind. Birds in bottles,
birds in the plastic liner, piled three high. 
Birds like glory. Birds like shimmer, like musk.
Birds hunting prey. Birds mow their lawns
in stained tennis shoes. Birds sing, birds work, birds
lie on the couch. If I could do anything, I would fly.