Watering the garden I found myself grumbling about the heat.

Giving no thought to the blessing of being able to water that garden.

I find a tomato a few feet from the plant with a bite out of it and more grumbles flow.

Giving no thought to the other tomatoes I have that are ready to be picked.

I come inside to find that the dog thought it was the perfect time to get in the garbage.

Giving no thought that it doesnt happen that often and all the snuggles I enjoy from him.

 I am beginning to see a pattern to my day and I close my eyes for just a few seconds and open them with a new point of view.

I see that the laundry is over flowing which means that I have more than enough clothes.

I forgot to wash a pot on the stove from last nights dinner, a dinner that I had with one of my favorite people in the whole world and it was forgotten so we could watch a movie.

So many little things and little bumps to throw my day off yet my blessings are so many more. 

Giving a little more thought I set down and write.