You are in love with the professor            
on Gilligan’s Island, and from            
this show, you are introduced to Carmen,
to opera. In the future,
you will grow to love Don Giovanni
and The Marriage of Figaro;
meantime, you wish to become Marianne,
despite the fact that Ginger
is far more glamorous.


The Brady Bunch is a blended family
living in a mid-century home.
Along with their housemaid,
Alice, they fit conveniently
in a 3 x 3 square. You love Marsha,
though you are closer
in age to Jan. In one episode,
Marsha breaks her nose.
In another, as class president,
she invites Davy Jones to the prom.      


Lost in Space is on your list
of reruns. You are in love with Major West,
and covet Penny’s monkey.
Who wouldn’t want a monkey that bleeps.
You are afraid of Dr. Smith,
and depend on Robot to save you:
Danger, Will Robinson! Danger.