culture’s arrogant
intrusion on the temperamental
apparatus/architecture of amygdala-limbic-rhinencephalic

dinner is a dangerous time for guests
unknown commodities
manipulation for capital gains
anything in motion can run off the rails

I saw a man nearly choke to death
on a yellow fin tuna heart
cut fresh from the still flapping fish
swallowed whole

define irony
no not Lynyrd Skynyrd
life sucked out by the myth of power and vitality

life that occupies the polarized spin
of that particular particulate curve ball
moment of time-space

but you are not allowed to say time-space
unless you can give
a cogent
three paragraph summary
of the general theory of relativity

the bosses wife may begin to cautiously
talk about sex
as early as the sorbet after fish

don’t waste your time describing a daring vacation
on a restored three master
the race is on right here at the dinner table

you either spit the bit
or run with it