Though it was turned around to avoid all
accidental button pushing,
I kept bumping the buttons
on my pink sunfaded watch.

It tells me it’s a Saturday
on a Wednesday and goes off
around 10:09 am daily:
bee-beep, bee-beep, bee-beep!

It isn’t keeping
      military time
and I am thankful:
All of this is confusing enough
      without relying on a watch
I keep manipulating
during undertakings I love
      time after time to unwind:
       taneous hugs,
moving the
       sliced mozz-
arella logs
        and tubs of shredded hard cheeses
to the front of the store shelves,
overing new stones to give as gifts,
then a chirp at the beginning of the hour
         tell I pressed on
         and it stopped.