Maybe being here 
We’re really just 
Passing through 
Someone else’s lineage 
On our way 
To a timeline 
Created by our ancestors 
All those years back 
From days and months 
Passed and past 
Maybe it’s just linear 
Yet parallel all at once 
Like a dimensional prism 
Maybe that’s why
We can’t ever seem 
To complete our side 
Of the Rubik’s cube 
Perhaphs this is why 
All my feels have feelings 
That run deeper
Than I can’t handle some days
When words are hard 
Or time spins on edge 
Or when we wake up 
Looking in the mirror 
Not recognizing the reflection 
Its our ancestors staring back 
Having a visit with us 
In the present 
While we’ve aged ten years 

We may never know that part. 
All I can hope for 
All my heart knows
For absolutely certain 
Is that I will find you 
In every single lifetime
That I may wake up in
This force in my chest 
Knows no limits for you, 
For each of them. 
We’ll get there, and back to here
I am sure of it.