Did we not just celebrate Christmas? 
I woke up and it was May
All these moments speeding by
Seconds, minutes, days
“I never realized the passage of time
Until I loved a child”
The moment they placed you in my arms
Time began to run wild
Before I can catch my bearings
The seconds have carried off the years
I am able to touch
To see
Move and interact 
But I can never hold
The spheres
I watch you 
How can we live this holy moment?
When we can never seize the day?
I’ll just run along beside you
Until my dying breath
Love is a vapor that remains
Stronger than the bonds of death
My love will swirl around you
As we fly through space and time
Let’s speed along together 
And for this sweet moment –
Place your hand in mine
*Direct quote from my wise, sweet friend, Courtney C.*