I live in south central Kentucky,

on the line of time zones.

Is it eastern or central,

don’t ask your iPhone.


It can be confusing,

to say the least.

Having a wall clock

gives me some peace.


I have a small stove,

no clock or timer.

One day I was baking

and asked Siri for a reminder.


I went to the porch

and sat with a book.

Enjoying the moments

until my brownies were cooked.


I lost track of time

engrossed in my reading.

What was that smell

that I was breathing?


You know this story?

Yes, and I have the reason.

It wasn’t operator malfunction

Siri committed treason.


She set my alarm

in central time.

Then I put down the iPhone

and she changed her mind.


Now I have a mechanical timer,

my new kitchen aid.

The time zone is mute,

when baking, anyway.