you think you’re unknowable.
you think that
the universe stitched you into existence,
a body of entirely unique experiences,
destined for something great.
you deserve to be celebrated,
by people who could never truly
understand you.
you feel lonely in your superiority.

you think that you crave to be known.
you think that
if people could see who you are
deep down
then you would finally feel

there is a hole somewhere inside you,
a piece that doesn’t make sense to you,
an unanswered question,
the beautiful possibility of a
for everything you are ashamed of.

I hold the answer in the palm of my hand
knowing I can never give it to you,
knowing you will never hear me,
see me,
know me,
except as an extension of yourself.

one day you will be forced
to find it on your own. 
when you do,
you will realize that you do not want
to be known.
and you will realize that I know you.


(you’re so vain
I bet you think this song is about you,
don’t you?)


I almost wish you had
punched me in the face
that night.
at least then
I’d have something to show for this.