I  know you didn’t do it for me.

You don’t  even know me and

we may never meet.

But thank you.


I am grateful to be

seven days closer

to being free from this pain.

I am grateful to be spared

an entire extra week of agony.


HIPPA will not allow me

to ever know enough about you

to thank you personally.

So I thank you in this poem.

I thank you in my heart.


I can think of many horrible reasons you

may have had to cancel.

I hope none of them are true.

I hope instead

for the improbable,

that you were

miraculously healed

as I wish to be



In exchange for your

coincidental kindness,

I gave you this blessing:

May you have what you need.

May you too receive relief

when you need it.


I can not repay you myself.

So I ask the Universe

to bring you

some equal joy.