It frustrates me

that I never see you

outside the courthouse

protesting against


(especially not so-called holy men),

spouse abusers,

drunk drivers,

or mass shooters.

(Not that you’ll admit

you worship guns

as much as

you worship God.)


Jesus said, “Whatever you do

to the least of these,

you have done to me.”

And you have the nerve

to barge into

a marginalized community

and try to ruin things

on a day of celebration.

We don’t

break down the doors of your church

on Christmas morning

to loudly discuss your sins.

Yet you disrespect us in this way.

You think you are doing some noble thing.

You think you are saving souls.

But really you’re just being a jerk.

And even God thinks so.


If you really want to be humble

and be of service

instead of self-righteous,

help the Pride Center

feed the LGBTQ+ community.

Find housing

for the gay teenager

who was just kicked out of their home.

Talk a transgender person

out of committing suicide.

Protect a trans child

from bullying,

especially from adults,

especially from politicians.


Or is that too heavy for you?

You like to talk a big Jesus game.

But when it comes to actually loving your neighbor,

you’re not made of much.


Isn’t it funny God never asks you

to do anything

that makes you uncomfortable?

Isn’t it a fine coincidence

Jesus seems to hate

the same people you do?