We are taught
To live uncomfortably

So we don’t find a place
In life
To settle in

Shoes a bit too tight

A dull shoulder pain
After sleeping in a weird posture

Waking up our bodies to an alarm
Before their time
Reminding them in doing so
They didn’t come to this world
To surrender to rest

We are taught 
To accept,
To seek even,
Everything that prevents us from nestling
In Placid’s embrace.

Feeling a bit cold,
Suffer some heat,
Resist tired souls and soar muscles

We are taught
To withstand our bodies’ requests,
Their cries for a breather,
For a pause, for a break.

To snatch control of themselves out of their hands
To then offer it to the Highest Power
It who no one actually knows
But everyone praises

The Master who wrings us out

And kills us dead