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Lexington Poetry Month
Told You So
article by
Anne Hayden

Said I’m not poetic
You insist I try this thing
Gave it my best effort
All its brought is pain

I can’t write like others
With depth and blue despair
My rhymes are very silly
As if I didn’t care

Sometimes I don’t get
What others try to say
It seems complicated
And so out of the way

I’ll stick to writing prose
It’s the best thing that I do
And leave the heavy lifting
To poets, such as you.

8 responses to “Told You So”

  1. Gaby Bedetti says:

    Love your rhymes, the sillier the better. Wish I were lighthearted like this poem.

  2. Rae Cobbs says:

    Satisfying. Thank you. I feel the same about prose!

    • Anne Hayden says:

      I guess it’s why I’m having such a time with this – Prose just flows out of me – ‘this’ has caused major headaches! Thank you for your

  3. Amy Cunningham says:

    one time i tried prose and it all came out like this as if i were Kerouac or at least some idea of Kerouac and then i couldn’t stop thinking about the way you have to go around and be careful with your words

    loved your poem today!

  4. Linda Caldwell says:

    Don’t despair. Loved this poem.

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