The time has come, the tortoise said,
To talk of many things.
     Of courts and cunts and eardrum wax,
     Of outrages and rings
And why the city burns with rage
And whether pigs can sing

But wait a bit, the Proud Boy said
Before we plan our seige
For some of us must find our arms
To stake ground for our liege.
    Do hurry, said the Q-Anon
    They may start to impeach.

A flag! A flag! the tortoise said,
Is what we chiefly need.
A horny hat, a hand grenade,
Are also good indeed.
   Now if you’re ready, Proud and Q,
   We march til we succeed.

They trod up to the Capitol
They flew the fancy flags
They raged and tore and insulted
They climbed up on the crags.
    Disdain police, ignore the law
    We’ll leave the place in rags.

The tortoise wrung his wrinkled hands
He cried crocodile tears.
The battle lost, the warriors tossed
The Proud Boys now in fear.
    But Q remained behind them both
    To plot another year.