outside the dark summer
is illuminated by fireflies
following the pattern 
they’ve done for 
ninety-nine million years
silent and vibrant and purposeful

it’s not that I hate this place
every single part of earth
that humans have tread
is engorged on our blood
through violence and cruelty

it was that I hoped
that things were getting
and we wouldn’t be 
so divided

here we are
sick and dying
faster than most
other places
believing that
our way
isn’t killing us
with people shooting
up schools
up heroine
crushing pills
because we can’t accept
the rules that are made
in their favor

they’re killing us
while they promise
that they’re not
shoving thier hands
in our pockets
pretending that
it’s thier right
when they keep 
taking ours

we brag about
sixty hours 
a badge of honor
breaking ourselves
for those slick shoed
believing that 
working hard
will get you there
and it’ll make sense
in the end

but by then
it’ll all be too late
to do anything
that we planned 
because we’ll be spent
and tired
old things that 
are left to rot
like junkyard cars

the thought 
when we look 
at our kids
is that at least
they will have it
a little better

today isn’t one of those days
today isn’t one of those days
today isn’t one of those days