(Based on a true story.)

No signs of pit stop in long stretches of rice and soybeans fields
Heavy laden bladder pleads with six-month-pregnant woman
requires any possible stop on 920-mile drive
Glorious relief comes at first sight of random gas station

Vagrant behind counter points long, witchy finger
toward back of shabby shack market
Crumbly hall and creepy door lead to storeroom slum
warehousing typical travel junk food, light bulbs, what-have-you,
toilet with three inches of scum, top to bottom,
coordinating sink adorned by mirror lavished
with ancient dust and dried mystery droplets—
match made in toxic waste heaven—and 

33-gallon trash can stands firm
two feet from raunchy throne
piled high with, ahem,
used toilet tissue,
last changed in 1909

Glorious relief is redefined