Hard to get to all things desired
in a day, when every day
has been a race to midnight
finding meaningful words to say.

Such beautiful reflections have passed,
can’t possibly read into them all
much less craft my reactions
to tack onto your walls.

All forces of the month considered
both inside me and out,
it’s amazing that I’m still here
celebrating what we’re about.

I haven’t spoken to you
nearly as much as I should
nor thanked you enough
but a tribute if I could?

All these souls I see
sharing wide open windows,
there is beauty all over,
the meaning of life, in us, shows.

Your bravery, your talent,
willingness to share your gifts
forms a modern scripture of life,
the struggling heart, it lifts.

For all these thousands of words
contain infinitely more secrets to find
in continued returns to this place
to enrich our mind

while continually growing
our majestic community
and giving rise
to new opportunities.

Thank you, all of you.
I wish I could have said more
but truly, you have said it all and I
can’t wait to see what the future stores.