You don’t like me.
And that’s delightfully alright,
Trust, it won’t keep me up at night

The need to be adored
Is an insidious trap
And was once my greatest handicap.

I wore your opinion
Like a trench coat,
Lined with stones
It seeped through my skin,
Tore my tissue,
Broke my bones.

You detest me.
And that’s gloriously okay,
Trust, it will not ruin my day

Your judgement
Once lived
In my head rent free,
Now the only
Opinion that matters
Is mine about me.

You abhor me.
And that’s abundantly acceptable,
Trust, my life is still delectable.

Your perhaps-valid view
Doesn’t carry the weight
To determine my fate,
I’ve claimed bounteous bliss
Despite all my flaws and
In spite of your ebullient hate.