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Lexington Poetry Month

Trust Issues


I have trust issues
I have a problem with opening up
People don’t always understand me
Comprehend how I can so easily let them go
But it’s only cause I never held on in the first place
My emotions are like a swinging vine in the middle of the jungle
swinging back and forth
and back and forth
Like a never-ending roller coaster and
the only one screaming is me
I scream for someone to hear me
For someone to pull the Emergency Stop
But the only voices I hear are the ones echoing
back from where they came from
But I can’t forget the ones in my head
The ones that tell me I’d be better off dead
that I have no purpose so it’d be better if I left
Yet in the midst of my self-destruct
There’s one voice that sounds like the mere whisper of the wind
A still, small voice that speaks in a place where none has every entered before
telling me I am loved
I need no human satisfaction
Or worldly pleasures for they are all forsaken
For on that cross of Calvary
on Golgotha’s tree
He set me free

One response to “Trust Issues”

  1. One is never truly alone. Such battles are given to people when they are strong enough to fight them. Keep pushing forward. Blessings will come.

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