When I confessed my need for trash
TV & rom-coms, I hid something
from you. I was hooked

on more than Big Brother, Family Feud
& Grey’s Anatomy. I devoured
The Apprentice like a dozen custard-filled

Krispy Kremes. I was enticed by Ivanka,
virtuosa of whisper-speak. Her chablis
colored hair. Her easy diplomacy like satin

lingerie. Convinced she was the nice
Trump, I was more suspicious
of her father but I gave him room. He’s brutal

but he’s a businessman,” I reasoned. My pal
Sophie used to insist that intellectuals
& artists need a permission slip to consume crap

entertainment.  Escape, Linda, escape. Watch
a goddamned bodice ripper,
she teased & I did.
I did for so long—until I couldn’t & still I can’t

except I sometimes catch The Great
British Baking Show because it’s non-
carcinogenic, can’t spread to my bones

or brain. I’m off Reality TV. Went cold
turkey but when it comes to my
sanity the jury’s still out.