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Lexington Poetry Month
Twilight deranged
article by
Jennifer Barricklow

gone from day is sight
litter glimmers light

a veil of star, a single play
there forsaken have the children

lie like a waste has meant
day worldly that all by flittering

goes moth-blue moon and night
oozing stock scent

old mirth of children wanes
clamor and pallor in palimpsest

the west dips and swallows
out of earth comes darkness

(from an exercise with D.H. Lawrence’s “Twilight”)

3 responses to “Twilight deranged”

  1. Jim Lally says:

    it’s a tiny piece
    a little slip of a thing
    written over so only a few words remain:
    “…magic elixir for the odd stain on the old divan”

  2. Kathleen Gregg says:

    The title is perfect for this evocative poem! Love the last two lines!

  3. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    goes moth-blue moon and night
    oozing stock scent

    Love these lines.

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