Two otters swam gracefully 
in the creek alongside the road
me and Momma walked
they’d stop swimming
just long enough 
to watch us as we watched them

The little creek cut a lean path
beside the road
a swimming hole
filled with crawdads
and the two little curious otters
fishing, swimming, playing
putting on their show
walking clumsily along the rocks
diving into the deeper holes
bobbing their heads back up
a game of look and see

A harmony between the paved road
and flood tumbled creek
with its history written in the scars
of old storms come and gone

But you’d never know of any of those floods 
watching the two otters 
playing in the swimming hole
wearing their inquisitive unguarded curiousity
on their wildly expressive faces 
looking back at us looking at them
me and Momma love our walks 
little adventures tucked into the end of the day
all the storms having left their scars on the rocks 
a history of floods and raging waters 
but you’d never know it
watching the two otters play