Having a Type A personality meant reaching for the stars and 
believing that nothing, not one single thing, could get in the way.
Lillian always got straight A’s, even though college courses got
difficult. She knew that perfection was forever a possibility.
Having a Type A personality meant being put into a box that
one could never get out of: You have to achieve everything.
Emma always thought that losing would mean she would
lose her title. She had to overwork herself to become the best.
Having a Type A personality meant the stress of the world on
one’s shoulders. Prone to stress and the diseases that came along.
Claire always wanted to compete, even if it wasn’t a competition.
She needed to save her health and her personality didn’t help.
Having a Type A personality meant relating to internet jokes
about oneself and the concept of having a certain personality.
Ellie always used to believe in the labels that made everyone
understand her better, but she couldn’t stay trapped in a box.