How can you be uninspired? Someone asks me
    With the warmth of a sunny day,
        But a cool breeze on your cheek
    A bird’s song, the colors of a flower,
        A reflection in water of the trees above

How can you be uninspired?  Another questions
    With shoes on your feet
        A clean shirt on your back
            A roof over your head
    Friends, family,
        Unconditional love

How can you be uninspired? I ask myself now
    When there is pain in the world
                Lifetimes of suffering

How can you be uninspired? It nags me
    You can read, write
        See, touch, listen

How can you be uninspired?  Hide the question away

But sometimes
    I still feel

What a pity. What a shame.
    But is it the truth?

Am I uninspired?
    Or just out of practice?
        Lazy perhaps.
Maybe I am broken.

Or worst of all…