I’ve never done well left alone. 
I always putter about, itching for a schedule, but incapable of creating one. 
I eat cereal at nine pm after not being able to commit to any of the seven other meals I planned.
I begin seven tasks and leave them all unfinished because nothing felt right.
That’s how it’d always been, and I figured that’s how’d it would always be. 

And then you came along with a calendar for the fridge, one for the wall, and a shared one on our phone. 
You make weekly meal plans, sign up to be the snack mom, and pack more in a pool bag than I do for vacation. 
You have an a, b, and c plan, and you make room for me in all three. 

So now, when I’m alone for even a single night, 
It’s impossible to not feel every unplanned moment tick by. 
I can’t help but remember yesterday’s home cooked meal as I sit with my cereal.
I’m in front of the TV I never turned on because I couldn’t pick what to watch,
And I’m checking the calendar to see what we get to do tomorrow.