cat tails blow and burst in my face

the smell of the sea reminds me of your pond

and i over extend again

i scratch my skin and it burns

the taste of blood still tickles my tongue

      the light turns green

and i criticize you for leaving the bathroom light on

      what will it take for you to leave me alone?

you know i can’t do that

i read a poem titled “i’ve fallen in love again”

and like rain flooding down a gutter

the tears come

      i’m supposed to make a list of all the good things in my life

but there’s only so much to put down.

time flies when your hearts in two pieces,

and the mental clock of my conscience stopped reminding me when it was the start of a new day

      i detail the feelings of grief often,

and people assume i’ve sustained a great deal of loss

in my selfish pondering


i wish death had won you over