Americans spend billions on trips
to the multiplex to watch superheroes
exercise their superpowers
because they mostly feel helpless
and hopeless so they try to escape
all this shit for a couple of hours.

I’m pretty sure the ant on the side
of my car is the same one that was
right there twenty minutes ago
before I drove around New Circle 
at 60 miles an hour which is more than
amazing as the math will soon show.

Imagine yourself on the side of a vehicle
500 yards long and 200 yards tall. Now
try to hold on when the thing hits Mach 50.
I can’t say for sure, but I imagine you’d fall.

So the next time you see some posers in spandex
and their millions of fans all making a fuss, know
that we’re already surrounded by superheroes and
we’d be screwed if they weren’t so much smaller than us.