Sometimes I talk about this dream like a place you could go ? 
You can wind up there, anyhow. 
My intuition rejects everything now. 
I’m reconciling that while catching 
The world repeating itself,
Repetitive mechanics I thought we could avoid. 
We were young and beautiful,
And we had something better than love-
We had friendship. 
That in itself is a kind of fortress 
Maybe All of this is more than repetition. 
Maybe it’s something more rare –
a second chance ..

He was doing a little more coke at the office
Than either of us were comfortable with 
We combined our efforts to buoy him up 
I know you loved him the best 
After we left that apartment 
We pushed the piano 
That you two would sit and get whacked on heroin at
Into the street and he broke it apart w a crowbar. 
Instead of that giving me pause 
I thought it was a good sign ?
Everything was like a beacon of righteousness 
If you knew where to look.