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Lexington Poetry Month


Still tethered to my dreams 
We’re you alone before ?
I guess I never thought of you that way 
No one notices the negative space around life 
I never did,  anyhow. 
What have you got from me
that I can’t leave without ?
That weird boom of isolated thunder last night ?
I told you I loved you there, 
And in A Roar from high up near & far
You can’t hear it. Just know it happens 
And it’s for you. 

If you can trust me 
I will keep this 
I’ll tend to this like you would 
Tend to a fire thats keeping you alive 
Like a fire that’s putting a signal off into the hills.
Though I didn’t know it at the time, 
I am at the center of the world ,
one of the special places.
There’s no limit to
what I want 
And take. 
A circle of starts hang overhead 
Your sense of dread is so finely tuned 
That I could laugh until I cry
What a relief to find you’re like me 
Your jokes were so clear
that they seemed to come from the future
Finding the ghosts in things 
You lean over,stroke the roof of my mouth 
My mind ticks into oblivion 
My blood buzzing now and then 
A chain link of good,  dark memories 
I’ll tell you that I love you
Every day if I want to 
I’ll intone the phrase in my own mind 
Finding new and more meaningful ways 
Each time 
Just try and stop me.

3 responses to “untitled”

  1. Ryan says:

    I have this notion of dreams being almost like the Internet. You log in as you fall asleep, sort of an unconscious wifi, sounds odd I know. Quantum entanglement actually supports this idea, you can dream your own dream or be in someone elses. So, you can be dreaming but still in someone elses dream, which is why it’s odd and surreal. Nice idea for a poem.

  2. Tom Chapuk says:

    I like this. Very mystical

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