Mellifluous chatter from the half spoken moon

Mouth of his, the anonymous man,

formed into a friendly “o” for as long as I have noticed

The distinction between a paused groan and a curiously sculpted “ohhh!”

His eyes sparkle with a stray ray of sun

I wanted to believe

The two were once one

Entangled in each other’s mystery

Braided, as lovers appear to be,

with intimacy and poise

I tried to imagine

what tore through the two

Untwined with furious haste

Pushed apart by worlds of forgotten notions

The pain of apartness, the lonesome dismay

Yet found no trace of malaise

on the round glowing face

What words escaped before his mouth formed that exquisite “o” shape

are not marked with woe

I clung to the idea

that love is love,

Day or Night,

with truth in spirit of bright gaze

and mouthed praise that binds a pair

despite great distance

And, in this instant, I believe