-I think it’s safe to say this was stirred up by reading Joseph Allen Nichols’ “Another Exodus” the other day-

Was it God?

Having come to strive with man?
Had you seen him all along?


Is that why you, rising in the nighttime,
Saw them safe across the water?
And came back to linger alone?


Could you have died?

If you had not held on so tightly,
Struggling until dawn?


He had to maim you to get loose and you still held on

He had to maim you to get loose
He had to maim you,


Grappling through the darkness till the light
cracked through.

I won’t let go until you bless me
I won’t let go
I won’t

There will be consequences for your toiling with the Lord.

All your questions will not be answered

But you will leave this place with a new name

And you will walk like a man broken.