What’s Next? Who’s Next?
in response to a post shared on FB about violence by Terry Crews
Can we fix it?
Maybe humans
are the stupidest
mammal on earth.
Maybe humans
are instinctively,
Maybe a few philosophical,
want to be good,
abnormal, humans
came up with:
rules, books, bibles, beliefs, and…
in hopes of swaying
populations of hellions
into saints  

Could this be how
first came about-
as an effort to tame
the un-tameable?  
Are we trainable?
Does a regime of conduct control
lead to dysfunction, frustration,
anger and hatred?
Should we go back to basics?
Would we be better, could we be better,
if we learn and discover
how we are hardwired
to mate and mother,
to breed and bond,
to raise, feed and father,
to copulate, cohabitate?
Or, are we a species
hell-bent on a path
to self destruction,
taking with us
anything and everything
in our way
or are we smart
enough to fix it?