My stomach is hollow
My eyes are red
My passion for my business is unimportant
And there’s a part of me that just wants to 
Put the books back on the shelf
And try to teach the real history to the neighbor kids

A part of me wants to be the old lady who owns
A dusty antique store

It’s still a pandemic
I’ve been out 
But know I need to quarantine again
The house is dirty
My mental health is strangling me 
Things won’t go back to normal for me 
I don’t know if I can continue to worry about clothes 

Life is too never ending and this generation is amazing
I’ll never treat these kids like I was treated
“Damn millennial,”
I’ve heard over and over again
Yes, damn me
For doing the right thing and being upset about the things that mean something

I’m an old soul
But don’t care for old values
Soon I’ll be old
But I will continue to grow my values