I’m in love with confidence. I dig a mover,
a shaker, an assertive risk-taker.
I can open my mouth and declare a bold
statement. I just gotta believe it at the time:
my biggest turn-off after unkindness is retraction.

I value forward motion. I can initiate a move
and get all the boxes, but I’ll hastily toss out
that old one I’ve hated carrying around for years,
losing track of the 12 steps and mystic cosplay
recently stuffed in the space
underneath the unwanted, defunct laptops.

Beauty can lie in firsts for me and I can flirt first.
I can ask (almost) anyone out- I am that fearless, playful lover you were warned about cause I can
speak without thought, an unforgiving child forgetting
I also hide underneath an eagerness to be adored.