Watching basketball, the commercial starts with a babe talking to a car via Siri, the same machine that’s in your phone unless you have OK Google.  Bill has Cortana lurking in his PCs while Amazon has you buy a black tube named Alexa – all of which answer questions, perform digital services, interface with Fitbit – and suddenly my phone and the istuff around are creepy spies listening to every word all the time even though they pretend to be nice young ladies – I’ve got two corporate spy bitches sitting right there on the table already and wife wants to compete with kid via Fitbit – Amazon and Microsoft know me as well but they’re not listening yet – I think – maybe.  I grab my phone – is that OK Google thing on?  I don’t know, never used it – Where’s the setting?  It doesn’t matter.  If I can control it by touching the machine, that’s software, and that’s already hacked so that the FBI or Interpol and whatever they call the KGB now or those nice Chinese secret police can also listen to me all the time everywhere.  Did I say that out loud?  It doesn’t matter, the algorithms have already classified and reported.  Soon my insurance provider will offer my employer a substantial reduction in the increase if I wear the Fitbit – the corporate machines and today’s fascist overlords know the GPS coordinates of the liquor stores and have one – sided confidence intervals on what I do with the cash.  My friend, who’s not a racist – makes a racist joke.  I look at my phone.  It costs me $80 per month until it costs more.