(Undergrowth with Two Figures, Van Gogh, 1890)

(Poem Titled: i felt a breeze in the undergrowth, JSTPOETRY)

I met you in the undergrowth on a cloudy spring day
we both exchanged discontent and turned to walk away
hesitating in concern the trees started to turn gray 
I learned a warm breeze doesn’t always ease but can weigh 

(The Dream, Henri Matisse, 1940)

(Poem Titled: Conducive Colors, JSTPOETRY)

Weary of measurements being taken in her head
she opted for cheery hues of alternatives instead,
they led, 
to superlative views that spread

her dreams were read,
in emblems of purple, gold, and red
whenever she felt sad about what was said
she circled back to the colors and looked ahead

(Four Darks in Red, Mark Rothko, 1958)


Alter my sense of space,
place a Rothko in front of my face

an experience I whimsically chase
on a canvas I willingly embrace 

(Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942)

(Poem Titled: watching through a window, JSTPOETRY)

I had thought of eight hundred and ninety four perspectives
but I wondered with esprit if there were possibly more
the objectiveness and constancy of my shifts,
I couldn’t freely ignore
there were only four (people)
but the neon lighting illuminated their worlds with galore,
in their shoes myself I poured
I curiously explored
and despite degrees of variances they all felt similar at their core

(Water Lillies, Claude Monet, 1919)

(Poem Titled: Water Lillies, JSTPOETRY)

A depression had me gloom,
from the loss I presume
an exhaust would resume,
until I saw you bloom

(A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Latte, Georges Seurat, 1886)

(Poem Titled: lonely on La Grande Jatte, JSTPOETRY)

I needed to not feel so numb 
perched shaded from a sun
I needed to not be so lonesome
searching for anyone

I observed the people as I sat,
on a Sunday at La Grande Latte
I was too tired to chat
but I wanted people to know where I was at

(Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer, 1665)

(Poem Titled: To Tentatively Turn, JSTPOETRY)

There were confusing components about the day, 
a few clear moments littered in rays,
would I go or would I stay, was I slowly fleeting away
I looked back with the hesitation of a gaze
in a duration that sticks with me always
as I assessed in all the ways
feeling like the girl with the pearl earring if I rephrase