Poem 14, June 14


Walmart parking lot


When you park,

I get out and tow

a shopping cart

away from your Rogue

& shove it into the corral.


“I do that, too…” you say. “All

the time! Not to be in vogue,

or make someone think my heart

is big. No… No…”

You make my life a question mark.


“I’ll meet you inside the store,”

I tell you. I begin to run toward you,

but I’m halted by thoughts of: how beautiful

feminine form is, a straight back,

a gait as effortless as a doe…”


I feel myself riding the flow

of so many possibilities as I  track

through the mud of creativeness, a mutable

poet with nothing to do

but create images that soar


eagle like, seeking unsuspecting lines.