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Lexington Poetry Month

Watching Dallas with My Grandmother


We cleared the table quickly,
her knitting untouched,
as we settled in our places
against the tiled kitchen wall,
I a teenager, she my age now,
waiting for the Italian-dubbed
teleromanzo, Dallas.
We watched silently until–

I forget who we watched kissing–
my grandmother said wistfully,
che dolcezza!* Better
than the meals she prepared,
the siesta confidences she invited,
the many sweaters she knit,
I remember her appreciation
and longing.

*what sweetness

3 responses to “Watching Dallas with My Grandmother”

  1. Anne Hayden says:

    Made me cry, it did!

  2. T.M. Thomson says:

    Oh, this is so sweet–love it!

  3. Jim Lally says:

    what a great remembrance
    of your grandmother

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