Hello family,
I have been working very hard to become a Professional Rescuer.

It is a very serious job and people’s lives are at stake.
It is a lot of hard work.

We have class 9-11:30, pool 1-5, class 7-9:30. By 2:00,
I’m freezing in the pool. I do not have a lot of body fat!

The lifeguard director is going to put me on a weightlifting contract.
Instead of a swimming contract.

I’m excited because for a lot of the saves you need power.
Example, to get a passive submerged victim from the bottom of the pool.

I am making friends because of my personality and eno!
I missed Interlochen a lot and can’t wait to meet my campers!

If you could send as fast as possible, 2 jackets (the checkered and blue)
It gets cold.