they were the same price
and stocked next to each other
baby blue balancing out a rose pink
if only her hand had moved slightly to the left

but she’d wanted one that would clean off easily
so she could swipe away the evidence
of her false beauty in seconds
but now with so many eyes on her
gaping at the black teardrops rolling down her face
she wished she’d taken the plunge
let her hand drift upwards
towards the far more popular option-
because of course everyone wants it to last
if it’s harder to clean off
it means it’s more a part of you
not something applied

that’s why she’d grabbed so quickly
she wasn’t like those other girls
she didn’t need the promise of permanence
just the joy of a moment of enhancement

but these black smears
and the stares
was her choice the wrong choice?
if not for the dark ink in the cascade down her cheeks
no one would know
perhaps the bottle of waterproof mascara was right all along
if nothing else
it could have saved her
from this room full of pitying glances and looks of disgust
with it, her pain could of stayed hidden
but now it is on display for all to see