I am heartbroken

And I am angry
Between these two emotions
I must choose.
Most everyday,
It’s the same thing
We always see on
The popular news
Another school zone
Turned into a war zone
My anger builds
And then explodes
This time they’re infants
10 year old children
A scum kills dozens
And then reloads.
My first emotion
Gave way to bawling
A major river
Flowed down my face.
These politicians
Are the ones responsible
Afraid of the NRA
They’re a damn disgrace
It’s time for a change
We have to insist that
Poltical parties
Help save these kids
If these two parties
Won’t “COME” together
They can “LEAVE” together
It’s time for them to quit
It’s a result of
Mass weapons of corruption. 
Caused by campaign
Money- From the NRA.
That’s why we need
To have term limits
They get 4 years,
Then send them away.
They scream they have
The Second Amendment
I agress with that
But there’s right and wrong
When one of those “RIGHTS”
Is killing your children
It’s time for the rifles
To leave.