WELCOME to the world little one. You can start out with some shots by
a pediatrician every few months. Try not to get tetanus when
there are too many nails in the road. Then, you can breathe
in the sweet fumes of pesticides when you play in the yard.
Maybe you can get a phone at the ripe age of eight, make 
sure to make those addictions lifelong. You better not
forget to throw your trash out the window and avoid
the used needles discarded on the beaches. Next,
you can start answering the door for strangers,
praying they’ll be the “good ones”. You can
lose yourself slowly and not recognize
yourself in the casino mirrors. Maybe
you can wait to drive distracted until
your thirties, texting your ex-wife.
Don’t forget to ghost your friends
and lose your emergency 
contacts. Stop talking to
your parents. You can
become a part of 
the toxicity.