Hello and welcome to The Government
We own the land around your streams 
You must ask Us for a drink
We own the roads around your home
You must request Our permissions 
We own the air you breathe
We are free to strangle you as We see fit
We own your necessities
You can not survive without Us
We own your words
You will not speak unless spoken to
We come from power
We will retain that power at any cost
We come to steal, kill and destroy
That We and only We can live free of harm
Behind high walls
Without fear of repercussion
You are not slaves
Because We tell you that We have abolished slavery
But We are owners
We will always be owners
And you will ask of Us, and We will deny you
Because We are The Government 
And We are the only ones who matter
Now hit your knees
Say your prayers
And be grateful to Us
We are good, because We allow you to exist
In the world that We own
We are The Government