Luggage begs to be hauled inside
Cares not about tired hands  
Home spreads her arms
Welcomes her family after summer vacay  
Garage space receives them in disgust
Pouts over the ceiling-high Christmas boxes  
Busy bees empty the minivan
Drag in bag after bag, souvenir after souvenir  
Dogs greet their humans
Wiggle their hind ends with frantic tails  
Little sheltie, Zoey sneaks out the door
Avoids being seen by all  
Mom spots the door ajar
Does not spot big sheltie, Rocky  
Dad secures the animals
Brings Mom two Tylenol to the couch  

Adrenaline shoots eyes wide open
Hammers her heart  
She hears hail in July!
Thanks loud, pesky sound for disturbing her  
The newly licensed teen left 45 minutes ago
Drove to Lexington for the first time  
Mom’s chest thunders inside
Feels like a runaway train  
Dad tunes in to her claim
Assures it’s KT, crumpling a chip bag  
Mom squints her eyes
Listens harder  
She breathes in
Exhales fear  
There were no hailstones
only the stoning of a nap      

Mom’s baggage weighs her down
She has carried it and more for 18 years  
Heaviness and joy rest equally on the scale
The scale cares not about tired moms.