what gets me
what touches me in the deepest place
is the woman who is currently alone
confused, confounded, unsure
maybe she’s pregnant, maybe not
but she’s hurting, sad, perhaps grieving a loss
a relationship soured, a man has taken her offer of love
and squelched it
or mocked it, or simply ignored it
maybe he loves her back, maybe not
and no, no one is perfect
but again, she’s hurt and that’s my concern
maybe a young girl
tween, teen, way too young to have to deal with life altering decisions
maybe alone, maybe with a friend or two
but unequipped for forever and that’s normal, right?
none of us are truly equipped for forever but it’s announced
proclaimed for us
handed down from on high
I have so many questions for God
why our bodies work this way
why my emotions have ridden the roller coaster the entirety
people say I should have done more
well, maybe not me specifically but I fit the demographic
didn’t do enough and I beg to differ because, hey, I have
but arguing gets us nowhere and I’m not one to line up in the street
oh, I have
but it didn’t get me or any of us very far
some say I’m silly for thinking certain men are the way I think they are
they haven’t lived my story
some say I’m too quiet, too nice, too this and that
but again, I’m here for the girl
for the woman whose life is upended
abandoned because I’ve been there
the girl who didn’t realize how quickly
then it’s too late and a case of wrong place wrong time
wrong person though he seemed…
maybe none of the dictators have ever found themselves in that room
though, does it matter?
who’s been where with whom
it comes down to caring for someone who is struggling
and caring for the person who is simply living her life, the way she deems fit
despite my opinions, philosophies, or beliefs
which is hard, God knows it’s the hardest
but loving people is the only way
one more time, loving people is
the only way and I wish we could love girls and women
as much as we love our versions of morality