I’m looking for the difference between 

what humans see and what cows see. I see 

a link to what happens when a man grows a beard; 

I can’t stand to nuzzle with a guy who doesn’t have a beard—

so I must look. Nothing I didn’t know. Then, I go back to my eye 

article and get interested in a link to cattle behavior, 

as if I don’t already know cattle behavior, 

but I am a sucker to read what I already know, 

like a two year old who asks the same questions over and over.

Allogrooming. Wait, what does that mean; new window to open. 

Then a link to wikipedia highland cattle; 

how are those different. I must know. 

Back to colors cows can see. What is EM radiation.

Keep the definition window open for ease. 

Before I know it I’m off into the differences 

between the structures of human and bovine eyes.

Which leads me into facts about green eyes. 

Did you know green eyes are not even green, 

they are the result of rayleigh scattering— 

which is also used to explain why the sky is blue.  

Marcus Licinius Crassus lost an army in China (ok, technically, 

he was a little too cocky against ‘inferior barbarians,’ he died, l

ost the battle, and his 10,000 man army was captured as slaves). 

The lost army, it turns out, lived peacefully in Liqian, 

and 2,000 years later, voila—dna shows 

that over 50% of the villagers in modern day Liqian 

have Caucasian ancestry including green and blue eyes, 

increased average height and distinctly Roman noses. 

There it is—half my day—gone.