Wiggling out bedroom window a little further,

reaching towards railcar siding,

commutertrain roars, shaking security bushes

between rowhouse and track.

Updraft blowing whiffs of dirty-dish-water-blond hair.


Precariously, butt square on weather worn windowsill.

Big toe leading the flex of right foot

Pinching around posts of rare Goodwill find. 

It seemed you could have reached

if stretched a little more.  


Uncoiling even further

not giving one thought to what could happen

if aluminum cladding catches

with soft fingertip. 


Staring down dirt alley

under elevated rails

long after the train clears

listening to the engine

the roar of the train subsides


Studying the route until

Brown-line train passed west Warner Avenue

no longer able to tell the difference

between rumbling train and

people busy along the lane.